AID Notes are official documentation which summarize details that are derived from first party sources such as journals, interviews, and ancient texts. AID boils down the hefty text into something digestible. Below are a handful of AID Journals on various topics.

Motto, Barty, and Walter
These notes were taken from Anema's journals.
Documents the hiring process of Barty, Motto, and Walter, and also discusses the downtime period Anema had while working for Colin Pendergras. As part of their employment with Pendergras Industries: Anema, Zugs, and Doraleous were required to deliver machinery to clients Anema, Zugs, and Doraleous were given possession of a prototype airship Anema, Zugs, and Doraleous were to hire a ship crew from several applicants. Barty Nailo, Motto Dotsk, and Walter Amblecrown were chosen. Barty was previously a mail officer for Sneerwell Motto served in the fields and the armed forces Walter was a retired member of the guard, and also served in the battle against the Chimera The three were of little importance until the events of the Minetown Trap in which Walter was killed trying to save the lives of Anema and Zugs from a magical pendant which appeared to give off some sort of feebleminded sleep effect upon observation. His body was never recovered. After the group traveled back to Oppidan following the Trap, they encountered a devilish attack by an Erinyes which caused momentary madness in Barty and Motto. An effort was made to recover the minds of Barty and Motto through the Collectors in Dardin, but because the group cheapened out and chose a lesser chance restoration, their minds were restored improperly, causing Motto to revert to his childhood, while Barty lost all memory of his year with Anema,Zugs, and Doraleous.