Archmage Erland Nimz was the immortal ruler of Jewelspar between the years of 795 BR and 693 PR.

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Extracting the Chimera Edit

Deep underneath of Jewelspar laid a Mutated Chimera. In the late BR era, Nimz discovered the Chimera, and attempted to extract it from the ground for study. This was not a clean procedure, and in the resulting chaos, the Chimera wound up destroying much of the original Dardin under-caverns. The leaders of Dardin were killed, but Nimz held on to their bodies, keeping them in magical stasis for as long as possible. When it became clear that their souls had far departed, the bodies were kept stable by magically implanting them into animals. Nimz original intentions were to rescue the dwarves, but at the time, clerical powers were not all too common, and Nimz had no healing or restoring capabilities. Over time, Dardin's continued hostility towards Nimz and elves in general for the events that occurred corrupted him. He wiped the memories of all dwarves who may have remembered Nimz bringing forth the Chimera, and decided that he would hang on to the bodies as a trump card in the event Dardin ever attempted war. The Chimera was later stuffed, miniaturized, and kept on his bedside table as a reminder of his dark secret.

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