The Artifacts of Kragnux were a set of 5 relics of Kragnux's mortal form imbued with magical essence of his divine power.

List of RelicsEdit

  • The Spine of Kragnux
  • The Left Foot of Kragnux
  • The Right Foot of Kragnux
  • The Left Fist of Kragnux
  • The Right Fist of Kragnux


Each relic, when equipped seperately, granted the following powers:

  • +3 Damage
  • Induce Rage to all allies within 100 feet (once per day).
  • Advantage on Strength checks and saves
  • Resistance to nonmagical bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing damage.

When all five relics are brought together, they can be used to summon an aspect of Kragnux himself to fight alongside the user.