The Astral Plane (sometimes called The Astral Sea) is a great cosmic plane of light and portals. Gravity and time do not function typically in the Astral Plane, the latter of which is used to great extent by creatures intricately tied to the flow of time like Chronepsis. Because this "sea" is the linking fiber between all of the planes, some consider it to be the biggest plane of all, while others do not consider it to be a plane in the classical sense.

Time Edit

As every day of the Astral plane passed, the entire span of the Quelmar Universe passes, and with each new rise of the astral sun (actually a vast, distant portal to another universe) the time span of Quelmar is restarted. In a way, a creature who dwells in the Astral Plane is immortal, as they have lived at every instance of Quelmar's existence.

On average, every second that passes in the Astral plane is equivalent to 1 day, 20 hours, 9 minutes, and 36 seconds on Quelmar's Material Plane.

Notable Events Edit

Reaper, Reesec, and Henric all visited the Astral plane for a few seconds in 793 PR. Despite almost immediately finding a way home, they emerged a decade later in Hellmar, right in the middle of the second Infernal Emergence.