Atnas at work

Atnas Krause was an artificer who worked exclusively out of a personal workshop located on the continent of Breme.

About Edit

Atnas was considered a jolly soul, with a heavy laugh that matched his friendly appearance. He was no stranger to tinkering, and had set up an entire workshop for himself far from civilization. He claims it is because he knows the danger of artificing, and that he is doing the right thing by keeping his experimental work away from others. However many also have noted that Atnas, like many artificers, most likely just enjoys the solitude.

Notable Achievements Edit

  • Converted Colin Pendergras' "Awe Tom" into a life support system for the dieing Pendergras' soul, a process he himself called 'Technomancy'.
  • Fought three Immoths, who trapped him in his own workshop chambers.
  • Built Colin Pendergras a full body warforged life support system to continue preserving his soul
  • Gave Anema E. Core a snowglobe of Wish
  • Created a rune-etched sled capable of traveling at immense speeds when led by local reindeer.

Allies Edit