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The Crown were an Amusan based group of Bahamut followers who were based in Xender City. Not much is known about them other than their leader, who calls himself the King of the Crown.

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Lord of the Wind, give me strength, For I am not strong enough to stand up against the evil around me. On my own, I will stumble in time, and be crushed under the tides of darkness that flood around me. I need your aid to save me from the shadows of the world, And from myself, Because even as I put my sword against the foes of the people, And even though my shield guards the defenseless from evil’s claws, In time, I could become exactly what I seek to abolish. So, father, give me strength. Do not do this task for me, Do not consider me a child demanding a favor, But, father, give me strength so that I might do your will, Grace me with the gifts so that I might set about the tasks before me. Give me aid, but do not take the task from me, For I am eager to test myself and push on. For I am eager to test myself and push on. (Source)