Benny the Bard is a hero based out of Granite, Pteris. Benny is known by his quarterstaff cowbell combination, allowing him to dish out hits in rhythm, giving him a great traction of power as he gets into the groove.

Origins Edit

Benny was born out in Tungas, Amusa. Before moving to Oppidan, he worked as a nomadic hunter, who made a living doing small performance favors for towns in order to secure safe lodging between hunts. Because of this, he was no stranger to killing for food, a fact that has nearly removed his capacity to care about taking lives. However, while his sympathy died, he still loved the feeling of a good performance. This drove him to move to Oppidan where the oldest elven bard college existed.

The Move to Oppidan Edit

Jewelspar Bards College Edit

At the Bard's College in Jewelspar, he honed his craft, and ultimately became the adventuring kind of Bard, adding a delightful repertoire of magic to his acts. After witnessing a horrific accident in the college that cost several lives of Benny's friends, he sought to have safety policies rewritten. After he was sucessful, Benny enjoyed the feeling of saving lives by taking leadership. This caused him to get with some other adventurers in Jewelspar and form a team.

Competence Edit

Over the next 4 or 5 years he made his way to the top of the Adventuring chart, working with his friends: Denny, Kenny, and Manny. Not their birth names, but rather names that Benny has convinced them of having changed to, an incident involving some modified memories from quite a while ago.

Dardin Games Champion Edit

Benny was the champion of the Dardin games three times, the first being in 693 PR.

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