Caligna (A.K.A - "Edgar", "Connie Lingus", "Cunnilingus", "Ignore Him") was a changeling shaman of unknown origin who served under Chronepsis until an unfortunate encounter destroyed his mind.

Physical Appearance Edit

A male of average stature bearing heavy tattooing and patchy silver and grey hair. Having suffered a gunshot wound to the head, a large section of Caligna's skull is disfigured and scarred, leaving the impression of one carved at with a jagged spoon, akin to that of a half consumed grapefruit. Caligna's facial appearance is often forgettable and he is most readily identified by his tattooing and staff (ed. and now the massive chunk missing from his skull.)

Personality Edit

Often suffers manic episodes and understood to be afflicted with acute deafness. Caligna is unpredictable and fluctuates from amiable to hysterical on given days.

Caligna, while slow to make true allies, forms the fiercest bonds of loyalty to those few. Effectively an aimless wanderer, Caligna refuses to leave his fellows stranded in battle or peril, and does what is required to maintain the balance of the situation.

Caligna, while eccentric and often imbalanced by his insanity, seems to be constantly collecting mementos along the journey of great battles and lives changed or lost, storing them in the shrunken head that is affixed to his iconic staff.

History Edit

Caligna was introduced in the opening games of season 3, When he first met Pete in the forests outside Brakville. Shortly after, Caligna became acquainted with Fia, gained his first 2 silver, and joined the party on their journey, because why the hell not. Little else is known about his past, to his compatriots, and possibly to himself.

Caligna has traveled most commonly alongside his fellow of Callum along their shared journey of regaining their past. Callum was at Caligna's side when he faced death in during the Season 3 Finale and returned from the abyss. Following Caligna's brush with death (see A Narrative Between Life and Death) Caligna accepted the ideologies of the Fingers of Kragnux wholeheartedly, and was uncovered to be a Draconic Shaman. Is this perhaps a reflection of his choices in this life, or a life before this time? Who might these lives be linked? Not everything is always as it appears on the surface.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Caligna's abilities are unknown and fluid

What we do know about Caligna is he is what's called a Mad Caster. Caligna as a Shaman delves into his dreams each night in pursuit of his lost identity, both seeking sanity, and the magics known to him. For every hour he sleeps, Caligna dives further into his mind, revealing more of himself and the magic he possess. We're all alittle Mad.

Caligna has often exhibited usage of the spells Fireball, Lightning Bolt, Wall of Fire, Eldritch Blast, Cone of Cold, Haste, Slow, and the power of Dream.

Caligna is a teleporter.

Weapons Edit

- Known to carry a Shaman's Staff adorned with a rattling Shrunken Head.

- A Ceremonial Bone Knife

- Standard Issue Penderlock

- A Minor Rod of Wonder

- Archaic Channeling Orbs

Allies Edit

Amra, Callum, Fia, Atman, Morswynd, Azazel