If you are looking for games in the one-off anthology series, see Tales of Quelmar.

A Campaign is a series of gaming sessions linked to each other through the same characters, locations, themes, or otherwise. It can be seen as the equivalent to a television series. Some may follow the same characters every episode (session) but others may rotate between a larger cast, and follow many different branching storylines. Depending on the campaign, different rule-sets may be in play, allowing for increased or decreased emphasis on gaming, storytelling, role-playing, or improvisation.

Pick a Campaign:

Unititled Campaign (DM Tim, In Progress)

OathWielders (DM James, Complete)

Chronepsis Campaign (DM Rachael, Complete)

The Atla Campaign (DM Tim, Complete)

Sick of this Shit (DM James, Complete)

Sick of this Shit: Incorporated (DM James, Complete)

The Underdungeon (DM James, Complete)

Towson Tabletop (DM James, Complete)