The Ten Heralds of Tiamat were a family of Dragons magically contained deep underground in a stasis bound by a time-locked rune, only to be slowly re-released on the world as Tiamat's return drew closer at hand. The dragons emerged slowly over two hundred years between 600 and 793 PR, when Tiamat returned to full power and began her second war on the realm.
Tiamat Herald

The Dragons, in descending order of age.

Mesanth Edit

Mesanth was a gold dragon who emerged from Isonhound. Mesanth was the first of the heralds to awaken. Mesanth was slain by the daughter of Xender Pleth, Xandra in the year 611 PR.

Leneth Edit

Leneth was a blue dragon who emerged from Amusa. Lenenth was discovered dead, slain by an unknown force around the year 624 PR.

Sorventh Edit

Sorventh was a brass dragon who emerged from Pteris. Sorventh was slayed by the Fingers of Kragnux in 792 PR.

Kevalth Edit

Kevalth was a bronze dragon who emerged from the islands of Kiston.

Corduth Edit

Corduth (Also called The Great Jokester) was a copper dragon who emerged from Osugbo in 666 PR. Soon after emerging, Corduth razed the Fang Fu Monestary. A survivor of the attack, Kragnux, vowed vengeance on Corduth and would later go on to found The Best Around in a long game of tracking down Corduth and slaying him.

Years after his awakening, Corduth was discovered and worshipped by The Hertak Kobolds who began to work under Corduth, seeking the artifacts that brought about the end of The Holy War and the banishment of dragons. Corduth believed if these artifacts could be rediscovered, they could be used to undo the damage they had done, and could return the dragons to the realm. However, he only discovered one: WideMire.

The Kobolds helped Corduth grow an immeasurably large vault of magical artifacts and wealth, but ultimately failed him as they let the dragonborns Pete and Kragnux escape with inside knowledge of their operations. Luckily, Corduth did woo one dragonborn Pabor into joining his force, though he would continually deny Pabor the chance to ride Corduth like one would a steed.

Corduth and Pabor would then take the search into their own hands, starting with a raid on Elin Barad, in which he seize several more of the Arms of Sin from The Best Around. Growing his collection to 4.

Corduth's Siege of Dolmvay began after his attack on Elin Barad to seize an item called "The Spirit Staff of Naven" from The Mountain King, and it was during this ambush that the mortal known as Kragnux would be killed.

Corduth and his kobolds gathered a collection of 6 artifacts and approached the site where they were used centuries ago to stop the dragons, only to be stopped by massive elemental guardians.

The Best Around would then join forces with Toi'Viral to slay Corduth in 693 PR and give Kragnux the vengeance he deserved.

Ith Edit

Ith was a black dragon who emerged from Isonhound. Ith was the oldest and most powerful of the dragons to awaken. Upon emerging, he was so wracked with the devastation of Tiamat's loss that he went on a continent wide rage which would later be known as the Razing of Isonhound.

Valstrath Edit

Calstrath was a green dragon who emerged from Amusa. Valstrath was captured, murdered, and paraded as a sideshow item by The Chaos Controllers around the year 691 PR.

Barroth Edit

Barroth was a red dragon who emerged from Pteris. Where Barroth was imprisoned was also originally the site of an underground population of Pteris tribal natives. When the tribal site was plundered by Sick of this Shit during one of their earliest adventures, they discovered where Barroth was imprisoned and accidentally unleashed him.

Failed Resurrection Edit

The necromancer Bastion would later come across Barroth's decaying corpse a few years later. Attempting to resurrect Barroth as an undead dragon servant, Barroth carried the body to the top of his manor in Barenthia. Unfortunately, when word of his dragon caught the attention of Sick of this Shit, they paid Bastion and visit and stopped him only moments before Barroth could return to the realm.

Maylanth Edit

Maylanth was a silver dragon who emerged from the islands of Kiston. Maylanth was the last of the heralds to awaken, finally arriving on the eve of Tiamat's return. Maylanth was slain by the forces of The Sky Net, working with the mages Callum and Caligna, as well as the knights of Shimatama: Morswyn and Bart.

Vezoth Edit

Vezoth was a white dragon who emerged from Osugbo. The youngest of the heralds, Vesoth was hardly more than a wyrmling when he was slain by Kragnux and Reesec shortly after discovered sleeping in The Stonefist in 691 PR.

Resurrection Edit

The Cult of the Dragon returned to the site a year later in 692 PR after word of the dragon was made public. They reclaimed the body, and began a process to resurrect the dragon using powerful necrotic energies and the natural ethereal boundaries of the Knuckle. They were thwarted by a hired adventuring guild known as the "NWO"...however a Tiefling named Rothburn Forth V stayed behind to recover the corpse, seemingly resurrecting it with his bond to Asmodeus.