Core (pronounced Cor-ay) is one of Quelmar's oldest lineages, based out of Galik.

Family Lineage Edit

  • ??????? E. Core, the First Core to have migrated from Luogo di Canzone to Galik, migrating the family and friends of the Luogo di Canzone opera house to perform in small taverns in the big city.
    • ?????? E Core,
      • Rigoletto E. Core, a vagabond who sang in the hills.
        • Publius E. Core, a traveling storyteller whose oral traditions and stories became the basis for most popular traveling bard shows. Most of his work dealt with the pentatonic scale. Some scholars later referred to him as "The frickin' pied piper" or "Quelmar's Shakespeare".
          • Babbino E. Core
            • Ricardo E. Core, one of the opera's greatest stars, whose work in building and funding theaters around the realm landed him on the highest government council of Galik, where he oversees all entertainment and arts.