Darastrix (also known simply as Dragon) was the name of several sidekicks that Zugs McFlair took under his wing during his tenure with Sick of this Shit.

Dragon (Darastrix I) Edit

Originally a massless form of shadow, Zugs shaped and trained his shadowdancing abilities until he was able to form it into the shape of a shadow hound. Over time, this shape was intricate and large enough to take on the form of a small dragon, who accompanied Zugs through his adventures in Sneerwell and the Tovag.

Darastrix II Edit

When saving Oppidan from the Shadar-Kai who were hoping to rule Jewelspar, Zugs came across a real flesh and blood shadow dragon in chains, a slave of the Kai. Working to break him out, Zugs made a difficult decision, knowing that he had known nothing but slavery, Zugs released the creature into the wild.

Only a few months later did Zugs' big decision pay off, as when the city began to fall apart thanks to the shadowfell rifts, his dragon friend emerged from the rifts, flying Zugs to safety and thanking him again. After some time bonding, the two of them agreed they worked best together. Zugs taught Darastrix how to speak common, while Darastrix taught Zugs the intricacies of Draconic.

Many years later, when Tiamat marked her return to the realm, she taunted Darastrix and called him weak for following the slave orders of Zugs. She marked him for greatness, and he followed the call. When Zugs knew his only options were to side with Tiamat or lose his friend, he performed the ultimate evil. Riding his dragon to the banks of the Dolm Bay, he poisoned the population in Tiamat's name.

As Zugs' grief and guilt took over, however, Darastrix and Zugs parted ways. Zugs vowed to take down Tiamat and her dragons, starting with his best friend. After a long and emotionally draining battle, Zugs nearly killed his draconic companion.

Later, when Tiamat truly returned to the realm, Zugs and Doraleous worked together to bring down Darastrix once and for all, killing him and the dragonborn cultists in a fatal battle of magic and might.

Darastrix III Edit

As a gift for his years assisting the Raven Queen, Zugs was granted a present in the form of a Shadowfell avatar of his original dragon friend.