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Dolmvay by night
Vital statistics
Type Moderate City
Governing Power Democracy, President led
Location Diimgard, Osugbo
Inhabitant Race Various

Dolmvay is a moderately sized city in north Osugbo with a population of over 14,500 citizens. The city grew out of several settlements along the Dolm Bay, and became the economic center of the Diimgard region.

People of Interest Edit

  • The Retznem were the largest family of traders who headquartered themselves in Dolmvay, taking up 4 blocks of warehouses and trading centers on the west side of the city. In 693 PR the dragonborn Kragnux and minotaur Thwack were essential to escorting an arranged bride to a big Retznem wedding, where they then worked as bodyguards.
  • Gustavon, the Head of Agriculture. Gustavon gave the first quest to the party later known as The Best Around as he asked them to investigate the WereRat that had killed his crops on the outskirts of the city.
  • President Damos, the sitting Dolmvay President between the years 680 and 701, present during the Siege on the city by Corduth.
  • Chancellor Grigor, Damos' right hand jack-of-all-trades. Grigor knew how to work with people and get answers and actions out of them.
  • Archmage Rurik, the head of the Wizards' guild between 650 and 712. Rurik was a talented Dwarven mage who specialized in teleportative magic.
  • The Inquisitors were the formal name of the Dolmvay city guard, falling in line with a pattern of many cities in this era trying to move away from the use of the word "Guard".

Places of Interest Edit

  • The President's Palace, a re-purposed citadel from when Dolmvay was the capital of the DolmHarm kingdom that now serves as political center of the city.
  • NoHarm Infirmary, run by a small team of trained clerics, can service up to 10 people at a time for a moderate fee.
  • The Dragon's Den Inn, one of several taverns located in the city.
  • The WereRat's Hideout was an abandoned house in the forests just outside of town that housed a powerful WereRat who had ambitions of becoming a great conjurer. His hideout was full of various surprises including a gelatinous cube. He was also the owner of DarkFrost before his defeat, letting the weapon fall into the hands of The Best Around.

Notable Events Edit

Corduth's Siege on Dolmvay (693) Edit

Tiamat's Siege on Dolmvay (793) Edit

Exactly 100 years later, in late 793, members of the Cult of the Dragon gathered on a peninsula in the local Dolm bay under the cover of an abandoned tower, where they performed a ritual to summon forth an aspect of Tiamat. If the procedure worked, it would confirm the cult's belief that Tiamat had escaped her divine imprisonment and was ready to return to the realm. The aspect tore through the city, destroying several important areas of interest, killing nearly a hundred of the armed forces, before retreating to the top of the king's citadel. On the roof of the citadel, the aspect was slain by the combined forces of aspects of Kragnux and Vecna (summoned forth by clerics in the city praying for saviors), as well as members of Sick of this Shit and The Best Around.