Dolmvay by night
Vital statistics
Type Large City
Governing Power Democracy
Location Diimgard, Osugbo
Inhabitant Race Various

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Notable Events Edit

Corduth's Siege on Dolmvay (693) Edit

Tiamat's Siege on Dolmvay (793) Edit

Exactly 100 years later, in late 793, members of the cult of Tiamat gathered on a peninsula in the local Dolm bay under the cover of an abandoned tower, where they performed a ritual to summon forth an aspect of Tiamat. If the procedure worked, it would confirm the cult's belief that Tiamat had escaped her divine imprisonment and was ready to return to the realm. The aspect tore through the city, destroying several important areas of interest, killing nearly a hundred of the armed forces, before retreating to the top of the king's citadel. On the roof of the citadel, Tiamat was slain by the combined forces of aspects of Kragnux and Vecna (summoned forth by clerics in the city praying for saviors), as well as members of Sick of this Shit and The Best Around.