Old dryad

The Dryads (later known as the Old World Dryads or the Old Dryads) were one of the original seven races of Quelmar. They were a race of tree-like nymphs that inhabited forests in Amusa, Osugbo, and Isonhound.

Description Edit

Unlike their descendents, the New Dryads, the original Dryad race were much more fey than they were forest. Unlike the wooden skin and bark like adornments, the Dryads who originally inhabited Quelmar resembled green skinned elves. Dryads almost always took the form of beautiful (and often unclothed) women, despite not having a true biological gender.

The original dryads reproduced by mating with both males and females of other races that they enticed into their woodlands. Because of these traditional methods, it was possible for dryads to cross-breed with other humanoid races of the realm, leading to the existence of the rare Half-Dryad.

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Vulnerability and Evolution Edit

As deforestation and civilization covered the landscape of Quelmar, the seclusive populations of dryads began to dwindle. Though some activists (unsuccessfully) tried to designate sanctuaries for the dryads, their inability to move from their trees meant that death was inevitable when civilization moved in. As populations died, the Dryads had fewer opportunities to reproduce. It was at this time that the link between the Dryad and the home-tree strengthened, and the dryads learned to reproduce through cloning and other botanical means. In return, the natural exterior beauty of the dryads also dwindled. They became more wooden and tree-like over the last decades before their extinguishing.

Disease and Genocide Edit

In the last five years of their existence, the last population of Dryad were isolated to small forests in Isonhound. One of these populations, the home forest of Doraleous, was targeted by evil archmage Kleckless Racoba in an act of vengeance against his former student. Brewing up an infectious tree-based virus, he unleashed a genocide on the forests that affected not just the dryads, but also the rest of the plant population. Although Doraleous returned home and slayed Kleckless, it was not in time to save the last of the Old Dryads.

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