Elin Barad
Vital statistics
Type Village
Governing Power Autocracy
Location Osugbo
Inhabitant Race Unknown

About Edit

Elin Barad was an elven village where the Best Around, led by Venereal, came to discuss attacks on the area from various groups of kobolds and orcs. After finding out about the Kobolds leader Corduth, and the subsequent attack on Dolmvay, it was decided that they should begin finding the Arms of Sin and use them against the rise of the dragons. This city became the head quarters of the Best Around in its destruction of Corduth and lasted until Corduth attacked the village from above.

Battle with Corduth Edit

Corduth attacked the city in search of the Arms of Sin and although the Best Around managed to keep him at bay, Venereal betrayed each of us by collecting the Arms we had and trading them to Corduth for his own protection. The battle was harsh and the group barely made it out with their lives.

Architecture Edit

Although this is an Elven city it has all the architectural makings of a Tree Village, the likes of which are usually inhabited by Ursanids. Whether or not this city was ripped away from the Ursanids in a war or simply modeled after one of their city's is still debated by historians within the area.