Pictured: Enel shortly before having her mind swapped with a frog.

Enel Darley was an 8th level sorceress and the resident mage of the small town of Holtston. She joined Sick of this Shit on their mission to destroy a cursed temple of Pelor, and in the process fell in love with Anema E. Core. On the way out of the temple, Enel was cursed, and her mind trapped in the body of a giant frog. Shortly before having the curse reverse, an Immoth ate her.

About Edit

  • Enel spoke Common, Elf, and Orc.
  • Her specialties included knowledge on architecture, spellcraft, and singing.
  • Her favorite spell was Solid Fog, though she often times used Prestidigitation to seem more capable a magician than she really was.