Eve is a fairy cleric doctor from Glendoveer.

Physical Appearance Edit

Notable features:

  • size: small even by faerie standards, a little under 10 inches
  • wings: like those of a dragon fly; translucent, shimmering
  • tattoo: strange black markings, spreading over entire arm entire arm and over hand entire arm, hand and shoulder entire right arm, hand and shoulder and across chest entire right arm, hand and shoulder, across chest, down torso, and just barely up right side of neck (have allegedly been capable of glowing under certain circumstances)
  • doctor's jacket: white, slightly bloodstained, covers up most of tattoo (for now, it appears to be spreading)

Personality Edit

  • Since her birth, Eve has had an insatiable desire to protect life. Her passion for this cause often leads her to act rashly or against her better wisdom. She is also sickened by human suffering.
  • Outside of this somewhat almost chemical desire to heal, Eve is friendly, trusting, enthusiastic, insightful, intelligent, observant and clever.
  • She is also a pacifist and a vegetarian.

History Edit

On a particularly terrible night of bloodshed on the fey front, a small form the size of a thumb was found on the door step of a war front hospital.  A group of elves were aghast to realize that what they had thought was a leaf was actually a small child wrapped in a golden blanket.  Of course, Glendoveer was a place where Fairies and Elves lived harmoniously and even worked together in war efforts, so the baby could not be a threat.  Still, never had anyone so young managed to land in such a dangerous war zone.

Try as they might, neither the elves that recovered the baby nor her Sprite and Pixie kin could find any family.  And though they tried to send her away from the Fey Front, things kept mysteriously stopping them.  A broken cart wheel, a small flood; little things that bought enough time for the hospital workers to grow attached to the young and energetic sprite.

Thus, Eve grew up in a war front hospital.  Not old enough to become an actual healer, she was an unofficial medic for the Center of the Black Lotus.  It seemed to fit her well.  Eve had an inexplicable desire to heal which, while she had no magic, enabled her to develop unrivaled non-magical medicinal skills.  At the age of only eight months, she was able to stabilize a patient with enough precision that it rivaled basic healing spells.  By the time she was two years old, she was able to expertly brew healing potions and antitoxins.
Young eve
However, despite her superior non-magical healing abilities, Eve was a bit of a failure as far as fairies go.  Though most of her kind would be able to cast basic simple spells by the time they turned four, Eve showed very little sign of spell casting.  Even the sprite race's trademark invisibility did not surface as one of her abilities until she was almost of age.  The only spell she showed any inclination to in her early years was detecting emotions, which she often used to connect with patients.  This was quite a disappointment to the leader's of the clan, who had had some hope that the mysterious child would have a superior power of some kind.  Overtime, they forgot about her, and she went unnoticed.

Through out all of this, Eve's desire to heal did not waver.  Though she could not share it, deep down she believed so profoundly in the force of life that she would do anything to protect it.  If she had shared this belief, she would have been cast aside, because those surrounding her were either Druids who, despite being healers by default, were concerned with protecting themselves more than anyone else, or else they were cunning, curious faeries (bards and rogues). Her faith would have been seen as blind and foolish, in a time of war when casualties were necessary evils and life was more a bargaining tool than a blessing.  For this reason she kept her beliefs to herself.

Over the years, the tactics of her kin became more and more brutal.  The Glendoveer faction began using deadly poisons and dark magic to accomplish their military goals.  The more violent their methods became, the less connected Eve felt to her race and its allies.  Discovering that healers at the Center of the Black Lotus were using poison to punish war criminals in the hospital's sacred walls was a last straw for her.

So, she ran away.  Or rather, she flew away.

On the eve (hehe, eve) of her sixth birthday, she was visited in a dream by the very mysterious force she had believed in all that time.  In her dream she saw an era of peace where bloodshed was no longer a given of surviving, where loss was not considered ordinary.  This dream filled her with a sort of hope.  Hope that, once the war ended, the world would see an era of collaboration and peace.  She had not ever lived in an era of peace, and suddenly wanted nothing more than to witness it.

The next morning, Eve awoke with a mysterious insignia covering her right arm and the warmth of that force flowing through her.  She sensed that she had somehow become linked to it, almost indebted to it.  In that moment, her doctor's agreement turned into something more powerful; a religion, a pact, binding oath to heal not just the suffering of individuals, but the suffering of a war-torn world.

Oh, and her magic suddenly started working.

Burden of Life - The Doctor's Oath Edit

  • "Into whatsoever houses I enter, I will enter to help the sick, and I will abstain from all intentional wrong-doing and harm, especially from abusing the bodies of man or woman, bond or free. I will use treatment to help the sick according to my ability and judgment, but never with a view to injury and wrong-doing. And whatsoever I shall see or hear in the course of my profession, as well as outside my profession in my intercourse with men, if it be what should not be published abroad, I will never divulge, holding such things to be holy secrets."

Languages Edit

  • Sylvan, Elvish, Common
  • Knows one phrase of draconic: "Fuck you, you flying little shit, you ruined my life."

Powers and Abilities Edit

Eve is known for healing, blessing and guiding her allies (and occasionally complete strangers or even enemies). She is very perceptive capable of turning invisible at will which makes her an ideal scout.

Eve can also speak with small beasts, nimbly move around other creatures, feel others' emotions, and slip out of the grasp of others.

Weapons Edit

Eve is a healer not fighter. Though she does carry a dagger and crossbow, she rarely uses them.

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