Galik, also known as Entertainer's Paradise, is the largest city in Amusa, and home to a massively assorted set of citizens.

City Information Edit

Notable Laws Edit

  • Only leather armor can be worn in public by non-militia
  • Only one small weapon can be visibly carried, and should be sheathed unless used in self defense.
  • Outdoor spell casting is outlawed without a permit, spellcasting is allowed inside at the owner's discretion.
  • Merchants always use "detect magic" potions when negotiating prices, to eliminate magical thievery or manipulation.

Guilds Edit

  • Shadowguild - Thieves' Guild
  • The Black Brotherhood
  • The Shadow Masks
  • The Red Blades - Assassins Guild
  • Grey Deacons

Shops Edit

  • Bartholomew's Wand Pond, a magical shop watched over by a giant psionic owl and owned by the magical mystic Bart, who is one of the realms experts when it comes to synthesizing new spells.

Religion Edit

  • The biggest church in the city is the "Auditorium of the Silver Harp" lead by Jared Strann and his priests, which doubles as a performance hall. The church worships Corellon and Oghma.
  • Temple of Skilled Hands, lead by Liserion, worships Dre'uain and Moradin, gods of smelting and smithing.
  • House of the Ever Vigilant Guard lead by Elissa Perinor, worships Helm the god of guards.
  • The High Sanctum of the Scroll, a church originally built for Vecna worship but over time followed Ioun, Ye'Cind, and Hat.
  • The Exhalted Temple of Pelor, lead by Bofred the Just
  • The Shrine of the Uplifted Sword, lead by Barahil the Faitful and worshipping of the dragon god Bahamut.

Inns, Quarters, Pubs, Bars, Taverns Edit

  • The Felled Ogre, run by Durst Hammerhand
  • The Bloody Board
  • The Aleman's Guild (it's not a guild at all)
  • The Hidden Lady (also an underground brothel rink)
  • The Inn of the Twelve Candles, an inn for rich merchants and pampered adventurers
  • The Wizard's Familiar, specializes in serving wizards and mages
  • The Black Viper, known for its discretion and private booths.

Military Edit

  • The Elite LyreGuard. Centered at the Citadel of the Griffon, just east of the city. Very versatile and well trianed. Lead by Imril and his 10 griffon riding knoghts.
  • The Free Defenders lead by Lord Commander Behrend Roy, made up of volunteers. They are less trained but far more numerous.

New Galik Edit

Shortly after the Cyber Renaissance, the rebuilding of Galik was underway. This highly modern, reconstructed version of Galik would be deemed New Galik and build on the remains of what was left of the city.