Personality Edit

After being freed, Kha'da has become very protective of his lamp - the only thing that could restrict his freedom again. After having been through generations of a noble human family, Kha'da has seen the best and worst of humans and is not quick to trust them, but understands they are all different and all have the potential for extreme good and selflessness.

History Edit

Khd'da of the Djinn was born on the astral plane before the recording of history. Though the astral plane was no paradise, it and its inhabitants lived in relative peace. In the year PR 120, the demonic infiltration began. As a result of the decimation and imminent threat to humanity, human sorceresses began summoning creatures of the astral plane. In time, Kha'da was also summoned to the material plane of Quelmar. Upon his summoning to the plane by the Malachi family, Kha'da was imprisoned in the lamp and was forced to serve. The Malachi family used Kha'da as nothing more than a weapon during the 17 years of the demonic infiltration. After the defeat of the Demogorgon in 137 PR, the bridge between the abyss and the human realm was completely severed. This, however, caused the unforeseen result of trapping abyssal creatures in the human world and humans in the abyssal plane. Many seeking loved ones and a way to banish the demons sought the legendary Djinn of the Malachai family to use it powers to these ends. During this time, the Malachi family hid Kha'da Djinn in fear of losing his power which had brought their family such great predominance.

Notable Abilities Edit

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Kha'da Djinn's Shadow Familiar

  • Ability to call a shadow familiar at will