Killis Goodman was an elvish assassin and entrepreneur who worked with the Council of Wrath mainly between the years 600 and 700 PR.

Chairman of the Council of Wrath Edit

After working with the Council since the year 659, Killis convinced his betters to grant him a small position as talent scout, which led to a 200% growth in the assassins guild over the next 3 years. Now dealing with 3 times the amount of assassins, Killis was thanked with a position on the board of leaders. By 693, Killis had outlived most other members of the council, and took his place as the chairman of the board.

The Corvair Similan Job Edit

Shortly after having his family's mining legacy destroyed, his house in ruins, and his town driven away, Corvair Similan approached the Council in hopes of eliminating a group of adventurers for a well-paid price. Two members of the Council, Dorath and Killis, worked on plans to eliminate the adventurers. While Dorath hunted them down (and later was hunted down himself), Killis worked on a psychological plan to torment the group, and worked with Corvair to capture them alive, giving him the chance to dish out the vengeance he dreamed of. Working with roughly 50 hired actors and a few dozen contracted builders, Killis recreated Corvair's quarry town and convinced the adventurers to revisit it as heroes who "liberated" the town from Corvair.

The plan worked, and all 3 adventurers were subdued and put into a death combat with Corvair. Corvair unfortunately was not able to handle the 3 of them, and Killis was able to get away with both a sense of a job-well-done, and a hefty pocket of gold.

President of Granite Edit

SotS Inc. and the Shadowgate Edit