Kleckless Racoba

Kleckless, Archmage of Rwendia

Kleckless Racoba was a druidic archmage of Rwendia, tutor of Doraleous, dryad-genocidal force, and ultimately the slayer of Doraleous.

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Raising Doraleous Edit

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The Root of All Evil Edit

His Wish Edit

"I wish for a disease that blights all livewood with a sickening blackness, and for this blackness to be so solidly dark that not even magic can pierce or effect it."

Many years later, after Doraleous' imprisonment was dispelled, Kleckless began his plan for vengeance. Having lost his guild, his home, and all other sense of belonging, he turned to religion. Luckily for Kleckless, the great god Obad-Hai had a great dispute with Mielikki. The two of them kept in constant battle to balance nature and civilization, and when Kleckless sought revenge on Mielikki's Doraleous, Obad-Hai was happy to oblige. After doing clerical work for many years, Kleckless was granted the rare opportunity. Appearing in the form of a treant, Obad-Hai asked Kleckless for his deepest desire. After making his wish, the New Dryads of the world began to sicken and wilt away. The disease affected their armor, and without their livewood support, they perished.

Death Edit

With the rest of the forest dead, Kleckless never expected a resurrected Doraleous to appear in his house, looking for him. Knowing this to be his final test, he cast Doraleous into another plane of existence, banishing him to a final confrontation. The ensuing magical catastrophe ensured that only one would survive. Screaming his regrets at the top of his elderly lungs, Kleckless pushed magic to its limit, hailing down meteors the size of houses on top of the dryad martyr. As Doraleous reacted with a thunderstorm of unimaginable size, Kleckless found himself unconcious. The magic broken, the two of them returned to his house in Quelmar, where Doraelous' best friend Zugs showed no hesitation in taking the unconscious Racoba's life.