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After ascension in the Season 1 Finale of Towson Tabletop, Kragnux was wished into Godhood.

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Kragnux's mortal body, after being reclaimed by the Dolmvay resident archmage, would later deteriorate, with the exception of 5 body parts, which would remain pristine under divine magic. Possession of any one of these artifacts granted the user the ability to inspire their allies and push forward in battle, but individually the also grant powers.

  • The Fists of Kragnux individually grant an increased attack power
  • The Feet of Kragnux individually grant an increased speed
  • The Spine of Kragnux individually grant immunity to draconic fear effects.

Timeline of Worship Edit

  • 691 - Psionic Minotaur Thwack takes a ship known as The Draconic Scavenger to the island of Cof alongside an initial clergy of 10 companions who he converted to the church of Kragnux. 
  • 692 - After Crashing on Cof and establishing the first make-shift Church, the remnants of an initial colony are found, completely abandoned and left in undamaged condition. The fate of all those who landed on the island before Thwack is unknown. 
  • 693 - Thwack attempts to leave the island, it is dangerous but ultimately crashes on the continent of Levinkan among his own ship's wreckage. The clergy left behind continue to build up "Thwackville" on Cof. 
  • 693-699 - The Church has very little growth, Corduth's success in the siege of Dolmvay undermines stories of his slaying, leading many to disbelieve the stories of Kragnux, and eyewitness reports of his death in Dolmvay undermine any claims of holiness. Despite these setbacks, the church grows steadily, having nearly 400 members by the turn of the century. 
  • 700 - "The Razing of Isonhound": The awakening of two dragons (Ith and Mesanth) larger than Corduth, but initially awoken from stasis in similar manners, causes continent-wide terror overseas on the continent of Isonhound. By the time Ith has been slain and Mesanth has disappeared (702), apparently on a journey to Kiston, nearly 2 million lives have been lost in the forests of Isonhound, most major populaces have been burned to the ground, forests have been desolated, and by the end of the year, recovery seems unlikely. 
  • 701-706 - With the appearance of Dragons again, the citizens of the Quelmar Realm are desperate for protection. Every year the population doubles as people seek shelter under the "Dragon Slaying" god. By 706, the church has a record 13,000+ membership.
  • 706 - Young Elven priest of Kragnux "Xoniface" arrives in Levinkan claiming ownership over Kragnux's dead rotted body, revealing for the first time that, like many dieties, artifacts of his mortal life have been imbued with holy power. Xoniface is ascended to sainthood by the church populace for his revelations.
  • 707 - Xoniface announces that church founder "Thwack" has sought recluse, and will be delivering official notices and words from Kragnux through himself, who Thwack has appointed new head priest. Adopting the title of "Pope", Xoniface leads the church into its first civil war decades later.
  • 709 - In his fourth official doctrine, Xoniface announces that Kragnux has discovered Mesanth, the greater dragon who disappared years ago, and that he is conspiring with the Dragonborns of the world to undermine the other humanoid races, he establishes the "Fingers of Kragnux", a five-part council of Crusaders who search the world to remove the heathen dragon races. 
  • 710 - By the end of this year, 80% of draconic humanoids have been exterminated. The church celebrates these revelations. 
  • 719 - Dragon apologists cause disruption within the Church, causing years of Civil War, which see the rise and fall of many new factions of the Kragnux religion, by 722 there are 3 major churches.
    • -"The Friends of Kragnux" lead by Xoniface 
    • -"The Draconic Redeemers" lead by a young Reelojaweir Darastrixas Jr. (This faction was exterminated by FoK in 745)
    • -"The Heritage" lead by Aarakocra Peckard (Exterminated by FoK in 791)
  • 720  - Xoniface announces his wedding to fellow elf Skelya, whos cold glares and unapologetic demeanor grant her the informal title of "The Ice Queen".
  • 724 - Xoniface announces a sucessor, a son Felix 
  • 725 - At the age of 1, Felix is appointed pope of the "Friends of Kragnux" after his father's suspicious disappearance into "Recluse". For the next 10 years, Skelya takes up leadership until her son is ready.
  • 745 - Skelya dies in the extermination efforts of the "Draconic Redeemers" 
  • 791 - Felix is murdered in his own Cathedral by radicals who claim to support archaic lore of Kragnux. Angel of Kragnux "Zachariel" is appointed successor to Felix.
  • 793 - Most followers of Kragnux have moved on to worship Bahamut as the church is destroyed by one of Tiamat's dragons, Ith. Kragnux reenters relative obscurity.

The statistics for an Aspect of Kragnux, such as the one summoned during the The Siege of Dolmvay