Don't say his name...

Krampus is a mythological presence in Breme, said to be summoned upon speaking his name within the arctic. Little is known about how Krampus came to be or what powers he works for, but he appears to be a lone guardian of Breme, searching out evil creatures and redeeming them with his "hugs". According to the few reports, Krampus is unable to percieve creatures who are deemed "good" by him. "Neutral" creatures are visible to Krampus, but he only appears to attack creatures who are "evil" by nature.

Powers Edit

Sack of Holding Edit

  • It functions like a bag of holding, but of a size that fits most medium creatures. There is an unlimited supply of air in the bag.

Discordant Jingle Edit

  • A dissonent festive tune eminates within 10 feet of krampus and makes him hard to perceive

Golden Brooms Edit

  • They bludgeon people and hurt quite a lot.

Hugs of Alignment Shift Edit

  • If captured in Krampus' grasp, he can attempt a highly intrusive psionic attack on the target's mind, reversing their opinions on what is deemed acceptable. He instills great empathy and sympathy into the target, causing whatever their alignment is to become Lawful Good.

Victims of Krampus Edit

  • Zugs McFlair, a victim after saying "Krampus" when he meant to say "Krimple"