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This is a list of unique Magical Items known in Quelmar. Items that can be typically crafted and replicated (Such as a Bag of Holding) are not included on this list. Weapons are also not included in the list below and can be found instead at the List of Magical Weapons.

A Edit

  • Artifacts of Kragnux
    • A series of relics that formally were parts of Kragnux. Became holy upon his ascension, and give a variety of powers.

B Edit

C Edit

  • Chronosphere
    • An artifact created by Archmage Nimz to capture moments in time and view them through a crystal ball at a later point.

D Edit

  • Docker's Shield
    • A Docker's Shield is a cursed artifact once owned by Zugs McFlair. When equipped over the eyes, it causes permanent blindness, but gives the user 10 feet radius worth of blindsight.

G Edit

  • Gauntlet of Gate
    • Created by Archmage Rurik using resonant magic, the Guantlet of Gate could be wielded and then used to pick up an item or artifact of great importance. The Gauntlet would channel the energies of the item and open a portal to where similar energies in the realm could be detected.
    • This was used to great effect by holding one Arm of Sin to locate the others.

H Edit

  • Heraldic Shield of Marquis de Stasch
    • A magical artifact once owned by Anema E. Core that allows anyone attuned to it to use their Charisma as a measure of their armor class in place of their dexterity, but only if the user is wearing 1000 GP worth of jewelry and clothing. If the user wears less than that, the garments and accessories burst into flame.

O Edit

  • Oil of Malice
    • A slow acting poison that activates each night as the infected sleeps, causing a level of exhaustion for 7 consecutive days until the target drops from fatigue. It was employed by Killis Goodman during his first attempt at capturing Sick of this Shit.

R Edit

  • Ring of Clairsentience
    • A reward granted to the chronomancer Blue by his unknown patron. It allows its user to open a small psionic "Window" into the past which is non intractable, allowing its user to see a limited scope of events that occurred in the past of a place or object.

S Edit

  • Soul Star
    • The Soul Star was a star shaped magical container containing a demiplane of similar makeup as the ethereal plane. When used, or when improperly handled, the Soul Star can claim the souls of nearby creatures and keep them captive inside its demiplane.
    • The Soul Star was used to contain and kill the great wyrm known as Ith.
  • Spirit Staff of Naven
    • Contained the spirit of an old king named Naven, who was able to command and control whoever wielded the staff, would take over a Kobold later to become The Mountain King
  • Staff of Noesis
    • The Staff of Noesis was held within a secret chamber in Wyvern Mountain, discovered by Darya and later handed over to the warforged colony known as The Sky Net.
    • The Staff of Noesis imbues lost souls who are stuck wandering the Astral Plane into inanimate objects. This allows something as mundane as a chair to become a walking talking animated object, imbued with whatever soul the staff has stolen.

W Edit

  • Wand of Ursling
    • A black wand. 7.5 inches in length. 2.5 inches from hilt to end of handle. The wand was found, by Wilhelm Folkel the Scrate, on the body of a deceased wizard in a sirens lair located under the Baleah Crossing.
    • A magical summoning wand linked to the Feywild, the wand conjures up small bear-like creatures known as Ursanids and psionically links them to follow the commands of the rod's wielder. However, if the spellcaster is not of a fey race, it can be difficult to successfully conjure an ursanid, and many non-fey (including Stumblebum) find themselves struggling to make the rod work consistently.
  • Waterskin of Inexplicable Upgrading
    • Turns water to wine, wine to brandy, brandy to spirits, spirits to dwarven ale, and anything else to an alcoholic substance so potent it is classified as a poison
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