This is a list of all previous Player Characters of the OathWielders campaign.

Alive Edit

  • Niebelung
  • Roha
    • Last seen with her family and daughter on the new Ilroch migration pattern.
  • Kel
    • Last seen returned home with new purpose after saving the realm.
  • Julian
    • Last seen settling down in Galik with his new wife.
  • Drake
    • Last seen at peace with his family, finally receiving retribution for past deeds as they left Nawfar

Retired Edit

  • Eve
    • Last seen performing "Life Transference" on the splinters formerly known as Pelor. Has communicated from beyond the veil through prayers. Possible saint or deity status.
  • Orris
    • Killed by the Galik Red Blade assassins, but continued to live due to his Liver curse until the curses were lifted in The Griffon's Last Stand
  • JugBug
    • Satyr slave of the great Asar Partui, rescued by the Oathwielders, and subsequently sacrificed himself to ensure they received the benefits of a great patron.
  • Dusky
  • Thulos
    • Half-Giant Fighter Gladiator who assisted the team in discovering the Orc Elan in the woods. Died by Anuerysm.
  • Rustle
    • Kenku Monk Monastic who helped the group save a samurai before fatally falling to the mind-controlled Giant in The Delvin.
  • Kulu
    • The Team Mascot. Drake's former pet, and now the namesake of the team's ship. Fell off a boat at sea and was never seen again. The rest of the OathWielders would name their next vessel in his honor.

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