Mielikki is the goddess of autumn, druids, dryads, forests, forest creatures, and rangers. Her divine domains include Animal, good, plant, and travel. She is a neutral good god and her symbol is Unicorn head.

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Doraleous' Trial Edit

After outright killing too many dragonborn, soldiers, orcs, and hobgoblins, Mielikki reached out to the dryad Doraleous to convince him to join her as sort of a righteous warrior or paladin. But to do so he would need to take up her oath, her speech is as follows:

Doraleous Walken,
You stand here in the Feywild on trial for your blasphemous crimes against nature.  The storms and lightning are symbols of Obad-Hai, god of Storms, Earthquakes, Vortices, and destruction. And are icons that represent all that Mielikki opposes. Where as plants grow and nourish, storms destroy and kill.  When you left the forests of Isonhound, you made a promise to spread the word of nature and bring solace to injured people, animals, and plants. the If you promise to give up a destruction related spell, I shall restore the livewood enchantment on your armor, and for as long as you recite this oath, I shall be here to protect you in your times of need:  
"Keep the Balance and learn the hidden ways of life, but stress the positive and outreaching nature of the wild. Do not allow trees to be needlessly felled or the forest burned. Protect forest life, every tree, plant anew where death fells a tree, and restore the natural harmony that fire-users and woodcutters often disrupt. Live as one with the woods, teach others to do so, and punish and curtail those that hunt for sport or practice cruelties on wild creatures."

The Acorn of Far Travel Edit

Mielikki sent down a powerful magical relic to her herald Doraleous in the year 793 in the form of an acorn. The acorn, she explained, was a link to the Feywild. It functioned as a "home-tree" for any Dryad within 120 feet of the acorn, allowing them to travel freely without crafting livewood armor or staying rooted in their fairy forest.

The acorn would later be planted in the corpse of Doraleous Walken after his final confrontation with Kleckless Racoba. The acorn revealed itself to be a cultural seed. By using Doraleous, it grew into a massive livewood tree inhabited by the spirit of Doraleous. This allowed Doraleous to function as the home base for all dryads in Quelmar, and as he stretched his roots deep underground, he was able to extend the distance the dryads could travel.

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