Unlike Player Characters, a Non-Player Character (NPC) is employed into the world for immersion, giving the players the impression that they are not the only ones living about Quelmar. NPCs are often used as assistance in adventures, as quest givers, as environment pieces (such as patrons in a bar) or simply to cause trouble for players.

NPCs are not just limited to other inhabiting humanoids, but also to every prominent animal, monster, or villain in the campaign. Typically an NPC can be discerned by their amount of interaction and conversation.

While it's common for NPCs to gain a higher purpose in a campaign (Such is the case of Colin Pendergras), rarely an NPC becomes so popular that a player takes them on as their own (Such is the case of Budli). Because campaigns explore seperate parts of the world, it is very rare (but not undocumented) for NPCs from one campaign to appear in another. For this reason, you can explore NPCs of Quelmar by their campaign below.

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