Pendergras Industries (/pendɜrgrɑ/) is....

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Cyclonic Ravager Edit

Only two of these were ever produced. The ravagers were massive airships meant to deliver parcels around the realm at accelerated speeds. The first ravager also had the skull of Sneerwell's mutated chimera mounted to the front. Neither airship returned intact from its maiden voyage, leading to Pendergras Industries to abandon the project. The first ravager was piloted by Sick of this Shit and their hired crew: Motto, Barty, and Walter. Who would go on to become honorary members of the team.

Smooth Bore Pistol Edit

A predecessor the Penderlock, an invention Colin would go on to make with the Church of Kragnux, the smooth bore dealt about as much damage as a heavy crossbow, with ammunition only a fraction of the size and weight of bolts. The first prototype of the smooth bore was given to Zugs McFlair a little after his quests through the Tovag Baragu.

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