Roha is a centaur archer of the Ilroch herd of Isonhound.

Physical Appearance Edit

  • Size: Large, but average for a centaur teen.
  • Fur coat: Rich, dark brown with raven black hair. She wears three braids in the the hair on her head, and her tail contains two as well.
  • Four legs: Cause, you know, half horse (but totally not an actual horse, that would be offensive! *cough* take note HotHands *cough*)

Personality Edit

Although still trying to find her place in the world, Roha is a determined survivalist. She will let nothing defeat her, or hurt her budding pride. Not against knowing the limit of her abilities, she is naturally curious and respectful of those who she views as more powerful than her and will gladly learn from them if given the chance.

This did not used to apply to those whom she sees as less than her equal. She used to hold mostly disdain for those who cannot protect themselves and would not put herself at risk to save them without good reason. However, over her time with the Oathwielders (especially Eve), she has learned that this is not necessarily true and that all life, helpless or not, is valuable.

Generally, she may seem aloof and does not willingly share personal information, or hand out condolences. However, her opinion will be heard if she has made up her mind, and it is hard to change it afterwards.

History before the Oathwielders Edit

Raised on the move across the forests of Isonhound, Roha's first years of life were peaceful. Her herd was practiced in archery and some were blessed with healing druidic magic, so she began to learn these skills from her mother and father, Cuara and Fallaner, as was tradition. Their herd lived off the land and occasionally made contact with those outside of the wandering herds of Isonhound as well as the nymph, elf, or other fey who happened to wander into their lands.

However, in the year 5, a terrible winter struck Isonhound. Eventually, it became so difficult to hunt and gather the resources they needed, that they began to trade with elves in Glendoveer whose magically supported farms still prospered. One day, an elf called Edhelli returned with the trading party and offered to teach them the needed magic to allow crops to crow in exchange for their knowledge of archery. After a discussion, the offer was accepted and their herd grew by one. In the coming year, their herd would see two new Glendoveeran members, Tuar and Kemen, as well as a scholar from the Archcrystal Tower, Rapscalia, join their group and many of their herd's magic grew.

Then, the war hit home. Stuck between two great elvish powers, the Ilroch were hesitant to support either side, despite their Glendoveeran friends. Instead, they supported both. Whomever, they stumbled upon in need of aid, they helped and healed, but they would not hurt or hinder anyone. They were not foolish, however, and continued to develop a new form of magical archery in defense. The Woldin elves found this bothersome, especially when it did not side in their favor, and lead an ambush against the herd. Most of them were slaughtered, and a few are still missing. To her knowledge, only she, her mother, Edhelli, and Rapscalia survived.

With the aid of their two companions, Cuara lead Roha off of Isonhound and to the land of Champerty to get her daughter away from the war. Her pride hurt, Cuara never let go of the incident and she and Roha got jobs ferrying refugees from Glendoveer to Champerty in hope of news. While continuing her daughter's education, she often talked of going back to the war front to search for other survivors and to get her revenge of the Woldin elves. When Roha was Named, the day came when her mother could no longer justify remaining in Champerty on account of her daughter and she did not come back from her next ferry assignment.

Roha, enraged by her abandonment and incapability to help, agreed to escort the next group of refugees to No Man's Land with the hope that she may one day grow strong enough to join her mother and kin in the fight.

On her way back to Champerty to escort the next group of refugees, she stumbled across a very incapable questing group headed to Champerty as well. With strength in numbers, she agreed to join them -- although as the group stopped in a small town to save the poor, helpless, villagers, she immediately regretted it.

Notable Events with the Oathwielders Edit

The Battle of Balabag

  • This is perhaps the first time Roha began to respect her fellow travelers as warriors and as people. Their battle with both the dragon, and the later demons was thrilling and actually contributing to the greater good.

The Cart Chase

  • When the choice between captivity and freedom at a cost presented itself, Roha chose freedom. Her time at war mixed with her frustration of being jailed for doing the right thing lead her to be rash, but the team came out of it the other side alive, so no harm no foul....right?

Power and Abilities Edit

  • Totally a samurai
  • Arcane archer shots (aka magical arrows that do cool stuff)
  • Really good at being loud
  • Anti-ability to climb ropes and ladders, fit through small holes, move stealthily, or generally anything a normal humanoid can do.
  • Runs like the wind

Weapons Edit

  • Partial to any kind of bow
  • Lances are great
  • Pikes are pretty great too
  • Can wield any weapon, actually.

Accolades Edit

Hero of Nakashiri Edit

  • Given by the people of Nakashiri after killing and driving out the Reavers

Hero of Wyvern Keep Edit

  • Given by those stationed at Wyvern Keep during the Bar'lgura attack

Demon Slayer Edit

  • Given by the witnesses of Wyvern Keep who saw the Bar'lgura banished

Totally a Samurai Edit

  • Given by the samurai Roha defeated it the litigation in Senshi no Rakuen
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