Racial Traits Edit

Ability Score Increase: You gain a +2 bonus to Constitution and +1 to Wisdom, due to the sturdy and perceptive nature of Sahuagin.

Age: Sahuagin usually reach adulthood around age 10.  The typical maximum age for Sahuagin is around 70 years, with the rare exception.

Speed: You have a land speed of 15 feet, as well as a swim speed of 35 feet.

Mostly Amphibious: You can stay on land in addition to living in water; you may breathe both air and water.  However, you must be exposed to enough water to cover your body once every 6 hours.  If you fail to do this, you begin suffocating.

Superior Darkvision: You gain Darkvision out 120 ft., instead of the standard 60 ft.

Light Sensitivity: Due to living in dark murky depths, your sight isn’t well adapted to bright places. You gain disadvantage on attack rolls and Perception (Wisdom) checks using sight while exposed to direct sunlight.

Bite Attack: You are proficient in a bite attack that does 1d4 piercing damage, utilizing strength or dexterity. In addition, it can be used as a bonus action in addition to any melee or ranged attack. As you gain levels, your bite gains power.  Upon reaching level 9, your bite increases to 1d6.  At level 18, increases to 1d8.

Sahuagin Weapon Training: Some Sahuagin aren’t the type to fight using their toothy maws, but prefer to craft their own weapons instead. Others combine both for deadly tactics. You gain proficiency with Glaives, Nets, and Tridents.

Deep Lurker: You gain proficiency in either the Perception or Survival skill.

Languages: You are capable of speaking and writing Common and your own language, “Sahuagin.” You also have the ability to speak with Sharks within 60 feet of you.