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Schmitford is a large hearty town located on the Harm River in north Osugbo, also known as Diimgard. The town is technically not a city, but is run by an elected leader who takes the tile of the Schmitford Count. Schmitford also had a bustling population of several thousand and would often joke about being the closest thing to an economic competitor to its massive neighbor Dolmvay. Being the second largest market in the area, the road between Dolmvay and Schmitford is also the most traveled road in the Diimgard region, and the one with the highest record of bandit ambushes, orc raids, and other interceptions.

During the wilderness attacks in the area shortly before Corduth's return, Dolmvay asked its allies in the area to provide resources and pool together defenses against the increasing raids and attacks by The Hertak Kobolds. Knowing that the most damage was being dealt on Dolmvay's side of the river, the Count strategically opted out of the agreement, hoping that the damage done would put the two cities on more level footing.