Shadowrunning refers to the act of taking on illegal jobs or "quests" from professionals in Quelmar that emerged in the highly industrialized CR era.

About Edit

Those who take on a life of Shadowrunning are called Shadowrunners, and these individuals are often blessed with unique abilities or powers that are rarely found in the CR era. This can include the use of magic, enhanced martial ability, or even a high proficiency in engineering. Shadowrunners typically perform jobs for groups in exchange for financial security. In return, the clients who they service are able to sabotage or infiltrate rivals in whatever industry they serve.

Shadowrunning Services Edit

  • Assassination
  • Theft
  • Forgery

Known Shadowrunners Edit

Jerimiah Isothorpe Edit

Jerimiah was a Shadowrunner who was attacked at Lackpurse Lane Station around 600 CR and robbed by a mysteriously handsome and old man. His day job was working as a historian for Sick of this Shit Inc, which was a drug rehabilitation program at that time.