"The Founders of Sick of this Shit Incorporated were themselves urchins, criminals, and outlanders. Like many of us here today, they ran from their past, they broke laws to survive, and they dabbled in the mysterious ways of Quelmar, traveling to all corners of the realm, there isn’t a secret they didn’t hunt down. Over their years together, they found that though they came from vastly different backgrounds and power sets, the help they received from each other was enough to encourage them to keep pushing to save others. In doing so, they saved themselves. Here at Sick of this Shit, the founders hope that we can do the same for you. We handpick those convicts with conviction, and grant them opportunities: many similar to the trials that the Founders underwent nearly 50 years ago. Pteris owes a lot to the deeds we’ve accomplished here, whether it was investigation work, protection work, recovery work, or even magical work. The Founders were sick of the shitty cards they were dealt, and that’s why they worked to make a difference. And here ---we’re Sick of this Shit too." - Taken from the SotS Inc Indoctrination Manual
Sick of this Shit Inc. is a rehabilitation program headquartered in Granite that prides itself on rehabilitating convicted criminals while also doing good deeds at the same time.

Founding Edit

"The Founders" Edit

The company treats its founders with a wide reaching respect, with many faculty and staff seeming almost religiously devoted to the rules and guidelines of the founders.

The Founders' Guidelines Edit

These principles of quest-taking have long guided members of SotS for nearly 50 years. When considering what actions to take on the adventuring trail, consider these 6 guidelines straight from the mouths of the founders.

6 Simple Guidelines When Completing Your Quest

  1. Don’t be an asshole.
  2. If you are an asshole. You will be held in contempt. You are a criminal and we remember that.
  3. Do not frame people for crimes to help them join SotS. There will always be criminals who need and want help.
  4. Do what needs to be done to complete quest goals.
  5. You will receive the benefit of the doubt.
  6. Above all else, remember these words---Honor, Justice, and Rehabilitation.

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Scryer Edit

As members of SotS are in fact convicted criminals, unleashing them on the world would be dangerous without a level of supervision. Because of this, most cities have only agreed to release criminals to SotS if they are shadowed by a team of scryers. The scryers live underneath the mage tower and are paid well for their services.

Guild Postings Edit

Postings followed a very specific template, and every quest put up for the members of SotS included the following information:

  • Title: Typically designed to catch the eye of the members
  • Difficulty: On a scale of "none" to "absolutely lethal"
  • Client: The name of the party or parties who submitted the quest
  • Location: Where the members are expected to go to start the quest
  • Quest: Information on the services needed.
  • Client Reward Offered: What the clients are offering as payment.
  • SotS Matching: A reward given by the guild itself for completing the quest, typically tries to match the client's reward, or if not possible, something else desirable like fine cheese.

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Notable Members Edit

For notable player character members, see List of Player Characters (SotS Inc)

  • Kinky Guttsy
  • Grumble Fistpatrick
  • Zizzles Ya'Heard
  • WubWub ZoomZoom
  • Surely Uh
  • Slite Detoor
  • Und Frankerwood
  • Sninky Stinker
  • Lip Balm

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