Snow was a Warforged engineer, general, and icon responsible for the propagation of the Warforged race. Snow primarily operated out of Breme, in a similar manner of solitude to fellow artificer Atnas.

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Snow's history involves a bit of time travel, so his events listed here are in his chronological order.

Snow was built for and employed by the Friends of Kragnux church around 750 PR, when the church was taking part in the Second Draconic Crusades, partnered with another warforged known as Sand.

On a mission to Brakville, Snow made the decision to abandon his group of crusaders and explore with a group of heroes known as The Best Around.

Snow would be taken back in time to prehistoric days by the creature known as Chronepsis, where he would finally discover the source of the crystals that powered the warforged.

In 705 PR, Snow confronted Colin Pendergras and Mila Perturb after learning of their attempts to forge intelligent constructs. Colin had put together 7 prototypes, similar in build to true Warforged, but entirely clockwork---with no true free will.

Snow left with all of the remaining prototypes (several, including 7 had disappeared years prior), hoping to enrich them with new purpose.

Snow's Will Edit

Dear Warforged
I give all my tangible personal property and all policies and proceeds of insurance covering such property, to my colony Skynet. If it does not survive me, I give that property to the Pendergras bloodline, in hopes that they may be able to develop my final creation, a creature powerful enough to stop Tiamat’s reign of destruction. Enclosed are my final schematics to develop the creature of my visions, a mechanical draconic creature built in the spirit of Chronepsis. My time many centuries ago living amongst the dragons have proven to me that constructs make the ultimate counterpoint to their powerful stature. Unable to be seen, this creature can guard the island colony and keep Tiamat at bay, and hopefully lock Kiston up again, keeping Tiamat from bringing her children into the realm. I have also attached several schematics that devise the secret to bringing the warforged to life, and any experienced engineer should be able to continue my work, provided they have access to those magical crystals of Kiston. I do not have much else to provide the world, but hopefully this last act of heroism is enough to leave my mark. Go forth, constructs, and prove that you were built to be free. Break the chains of those who bind you to traditional automaton roles, and build the society you’ve dreamed of.
Automaton Lord “Snow”

Streak Edit


Streak, the Automaton who inspired Snow's quest