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Steelhand Hall
Vital statistics
Type Unknown
Governing Power Unknown
Location Osugbo
Inhabitant Race Dwarf

Steelhand Hall was a massive abandoned Dwarven forge and dormitory located deep under the Osugbo mountains. Though still full of riches, the dwarves who occupied Steelhand were wiped out by a mythological beast whose appearance differs according to most accounts, but is generally agreed upon to be draconic in nature.

A map of Steelhand Hall later found its way into Zugs McFlair's hands, where he would later travel to. It was in Steelhand that he and his pet dragon Darastrix would battle to the death, leaving the two former soulmates at each other's throats.

Darastrix and the Keepers of the Teeth would later use Steelhand as a secret hideout in the months leading up to Tiamat's return.