Sum Ting Wong was a character in the Chronepsis Campaign

Personality Edit

From early on, Sum Ting Wong loved to see how magic impacted the world around him. Thanks to his parents' love for the arcane, he decided to devote his life into researching the various types of magic that existed throughout the eons. By beautifying the world through these spells, he believed that it would teach future generations about the importance of magic.

However, his world view fell apart after witnessing his parents' murder. After witnessing his parents being bludgeoned to death by the Thieves Guild, he now lives his life to seek justice by killing every member of the guild so that the world could see peace once again.

History Edit

As a gnome, Sum Ting Wong enjoyed the art of magic at a very young age. By seeing the various ways to infuse magic into everyday life, he devoted his teenage years to seeking out ancient texts that were on the tropical island of La-tiqua to learn more about the world of magic. After many years of publishing the research that he had discovered over the past 30 years, Wong became widely recognized by his peers for his great discoveries. However, due to his overwhelming popularity all across the eastern shore, many of his enemies decided to go on a hunt to capture him and steal everything that he owns.

Constantly being chased by Thieves Guild, Wong decided that it was time to pack up his things and leave to another city. Unfortunately, the minute he arrived, the Thieves Guild found him and captured him. Despite days of constant torture, Wong knew that his research was too valuable to give to anyone whether they be friend or foe. But what he didn't know was that the Guild had already captured his family and was willing to kill them unless the secrets were spilled.

After hearing of this, desperation kicked in and Wong had to decide which was more important - his family or his research. Despite choosing his family, the Guild executed them mercilessly, forced Wong to say where the scrolls were, and left him to die.

Notable Abilities Edit

  • Mage Armor
  • Detect Magic
  • Cloud of Daggers
  • Enlarge/Reduce
  • Fireball
  • Blink