The Council of Wrath is an assassins-for-hire guild based out of Low Lunas. Because Lunas is a city of wealth, the council's rates are perhaps the steepest in the realm. One hit can cost over half a million GP. The council also has several other services.

History Edit

Capturing Sick of this Shit Edit

One of the most wealthy entrepeneurs in Pteris, Corvair Simillain, put in a price on the heads of Sick of this Shit after they attacked his mining town, destroyed his house, and released all of his employees, effectively destroying his source of income and life's work. Nearly every member of the council was eager to chomp at the this job as Corvair paid very generously. The adventuring team was ambushed once in Sneerwell and again in Barenthia. Ultimately, it was leader Killis Goodman who followed up on the hit, using a hired team of assassins to poison and knock the members unconcious, delivering them to Corvair.

Release Killis Edit

Ruling under Ash Edit

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Members Edit

  • Killis Goodman
  • Corleon
  • Farq
  • Iliana and her pet phase spider Garx
  • Roqui
  • Rookie
  • Vengence
  • Vation