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The Stonefist
Vital statistics
Type Unknown
Governing Power Unknown
Location Unknown
Inhabitant Race Unknown
Stonefist is a dwarven vault, located deep underground. (Just south of Dolmvay if your standing on the ground looking at a compass, honestly its just east of Dolmvay.)

This is also the official location at which the Best Around discovered Stumblebum after he and his sister became entrapped in a spiders web. It is remembered most importantly for being the place at which The Best Around first encountered, and slaughtered a dragon. This is also the place at which Torna became in control of a small group of Orcs, who followed him for his bravery in battle against the white dragon. It may also be noted that, Juno Delthorne arrived here after being swallowed by a whirlpool after floating down river for several days. Juno was murdered here by Reesec.