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The Stonefist is a dwarven vault connected and owned by the Steelhand Clan, located deep underground. (Just south of Dolmvay if you're standing on the ground looking at a compass, honestly its just east of Dolmvay.)

This is also the official location at which the Best Around discovered Stumblebum after he and his sister became entrapped in a spiders web. It is remembered most importantly for being the place at which The Best Around first encountered, and slaughtered a dragon. This is also the place at which Torna became in control of a small group of Orcs, who followed him for his bravery in battle against the white dragon Vezoth. It may also be noted that, Juno Delthorne arrived here after being swallowed by a whirlpool after floating down river for several days. Juno was then murdered here by Reesec.