The Timeline of the Quelmar Realm can be broken down into five distinct eras, which you can expand below.

Prehistory: The Unrecorded WorldEdit

Very little is known about the history of Quelmar before humans arrived in year 0 as there was no sense of time. The races of Quelmar would adapt to the invention of "time" by humans, but otherwise were uncivilized enough that keeping track of time, at least in the record keeping sense, was meaningless. However, it is known that long before humans arrived, there were two great wars. The Territory Wars and the Plane Wars. Another event, much less documented, was the Pixie Nixings, which is rumored to have been the reason why Quelmar has magic at all. This era of Quelmar may have lasted a hundred years, or may have lasted several million. Very little is left from the prehistoric times of Quelmar, but when something from prehistory emerges, you can be certain it is very powerful, and very alien.

BR: The Old World Edit

Originally, the BR label stood for Bekilip Rekisix, Draconic for "Destructive Time"[1]. Over time, and as Draconic fell out of common tongue, the era was renamed "Before the Reckoning"[2]

Year Event
0 BR Humans introduce the concept of time and record keeping to the realm.
80 BR Elven wizards Asaug, Durmundri, and Hygewald attempt to become immortal, but instead abberate 10 demonic chimera, who run rampant on the realm.
90 BR Start of the Chimera Containment Wars, which see the tracking and imprisonment of all 10 demons underneath major populations in Quelmar.
92 BR End of the Chimera Containment Wars
120 BR Half Orcs begin to become accepted among Humans after many decades of fighting for equal opportunities.
181 BR The Infernal Emergence begins and sees the arise of "Heaven" and "Hell" as several neighboring planes fight to control the humanoids of Quelmar.
207 BR Kiston is unlocked for the first time by cultists of Vecna, and Tiamat gains access to the rest of the Quelmar, releasing her chaotic-evil dragons on the realm (which was previously only home to the lawful dragons of Bahamut).
246 BR End of the Infernal Emergence
295 BR West Levinkan successfully succeeds from the rule of the royal Levinkan dynasty, claiming the western half of the continent to be free from the sovereign.
400 BR Agreer Kiston discovers the last continent, recieves a map of the area form the native Draconians before upsetting them with ideas of conquest, is later is found dead at sea.
406-407 BR The Mini Wars see the emergence of Halflings as a prominent race in Osugbo.
600 BR Earliest discovered reference to the series of pillars later known as the Tovag Baragu.
826 BR The Holy War begins as the gods of the realm begin to ask their followers to take up arms against the dragons, who have now taken control of most of the surface world.
985 BR A Marilith, Toi'Viral, gains access to powerful magic and wishes the dragons away, an act that ultimately determines the winner of the ancient Holy War, leading to Tiamat's banishment.
995 BR The last living dragon is destroyed, Tiamat and Bahamut are banished for the destruction dragons have caused on the realm for the past 700 years⁠

PR: The New World Edit

Originally, the PR label stood for Petranasul Rekisix, Draconic for "Pleasant Time". Over time, and as Draconic fell out of common tounge, the era was renamed "Post-Reckoning".

Year Event
2 PR The start of Realm War I
10 PR Start of the OathWielders Campaign
33 PR The end of Realm War I, the last Breme based societies and cultures have been destroyed or go into hiding.
120-138 PR The Demonic Infiltration, creatures of the Abyss swarm Quelmar and cause devastation realmwide.
137 PR Triumph over Abysm. Demogorgon is slain after the black pearl summoning the demons is destroyed, stopping the infiltration. Demons are stranded in Quelmar, and mortals are stranded in the Abyss.
138 PR Esau's Success - One man takes it upon himself to summon powerful devils to the surface to protect Amusa from Orcus and his minions who have taken residence, marking the official end of the Demonic Infiltration
368-390 PR The Calvary Rush, liberation and restructuring of the realm takes place over nearly 25 years as the modern domains take shape, and the 'traditional kingdom' goes the way of the dragon.
523 PR Notably called "A Great Year"
650 PR Vanara Intellect is born out of Levinkan
691-693 PR Sick of this Shit Campaign
691 PR Towson Tabletop (Season 1 and 2)
700 PR The Razing of Isonhound
730 PR The start of the War of the Forged in the northern hemisphere of Quelmar.
741-742 PR SotS Inc
744 PR The War of the Forged comes to a close as communities around the realm begin to accept that construct life deserves equal treatment.
745 PR SotS Inc Season 3
791-792 PR Towson Tabletop (Season 3 and 4)
792 PR A secondary Infernal Emergence occurs, leading to the creation of Hellmar, is swiftly forgotten by most and only recorded in the most skeptical of sources.
793-794 PR Towson Tabletop (Season 5)
794 PR Tiamat's return sees the slow emergence of Dragons back into the Realm.
1293 PR The Fracturing of the Weave and release of the World Destroyer
1294 PR Kiston is sunk
1295 PR Planar Magic is eliminated from the realm, severing its links to the Feywild, the Shadowfell, and the other planes. Quelmarians are stuck in Quelmar for the rest of time. Summons poof out of existance and conjuring from other planes becomes impossible.

CR: The Cyber World Edit

Year Event
10 CR Trollkin become a prominent Quelmar race
25 CR Shadowrunning becomes widespread
595 CR End of the Quelmar Realm as we know it

Posthistory: After the End of the Realm Edit

After the end of the Realm, the only stories that lived on were those of the survivors who escaped to adjacent planes of existence, or who found excitement in their afterlives in their God's domain. Such stories are considered to have happened in an immeasurable timeline that is simply known as PostHistory.

Year Event
??? Anema E. Core turns his life into a biblical tome known as "The Legends of Sick of this Shit" and disperses it to another universe, his own tragically destroyed.

A Footnote About Timelines Edit

As there are multiple Quelmar in existence (As seen via the Editionals and the Tovag Baragu, as well as Time Paradoxes and Temporal Fissures), there is no one timeline that can be applied to the world. The ever changing nature of players cause time to constantly be written and rewritten. In fact, some world-ending events in Quelmar may cause the ending of (one) Quelmar prematurely. Despite these complications, pictured above is the most common representation of the Eras of Quelmar.

References Edit

  1. "rekisix" is Draconic for both 'Creature' and 'Time', as common Dragon legends refer to time herself as a dragon.
  2. 'Reck' being an uncommon form of 'Wreck'.
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