Torna E. Eternal

Physical Appearance Edit

Torna is a particularly creepy looking man. He is very thin which gives him the appearance of a ghost or undead. His robes are marked with ancient looking symbols that are shrouded in secrecy. His eyes are dark, smokey, and invasive. He constantly smells like incense and oil. Surprisingly attractive. He speaks six languages including Draconic.

Personality Edit

Torna is sometimes quiet. He is a little socially awkward so he doesn't like to speak to people until he has to. He is usually motivated by personal gain. He rarely ever does something for someone else unless it benefits him also. For instance, Torna is traveling around with a particular group of adventurers. Many of these adventurers have very noble purposes for their expositions. Torna, on the other hand, is adventuring for either monetary purposes or intellectual purposes.

There are only two other things besides money that may influence Torna's actions. The first of those is knowledge. Torna is a follower and Cleric of the God Vecna, the God of secrets, so knowledge is a big part of his religion and purpose. You may find one of the most redeeming aspects of his personality is his thirst for knowledge and discovery. He is, however, very secretive with the information he has. He won't tell you his secrets unless he discovers that telling is the best move for him, no matter what the greater good is.

The other thing that influences Torna is his sexual desire. Torna is bi-sexual, but he is very sexual.

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Allies Edit

Xerda - wife

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