Personality Edit

Kind of skiddish around others. Has many powers that have been passed down from generation to generation among the Vanara.

His social anxiety is increasingly pronounced when in large crowds of non-Vanara due to lack of experience with other races and no knowledge of their social norms. The little he does know is from watching those who drifted along in boats near the island.

History Edit

Not much is known of him as most of his life he lived among other Vanara on a small uncharted island, just off the coast of West Levinkan. Being just inches above sea level, this island disappears during high tide, with the trees seeming to grow out of the ocean itself. Untouched by explorers and adventurers, the island became a hub of ecological paradise; the animals on the island were peaceful, non-violent, and in a symbiotic relationship with each other and the land itself.

At one point in their history, the Vanara left their island to attempt to integrate into society. However, their attempt was unsuccessful and the original group split up and separated. Vayu is the descendant of those who decided to return to their island in order to reconnect with their roots.

In Vayu's Vannaran culture there are different jobs or roles. The Magia or the magic knowing/bearing. The Bellators who fight with swords and staffs mostly. The elders who offer knowledge and advice. The Arcum who specialize in ranges warfare mostly bows. Although all roles live in harmony and are a single race-based family, there are no specific family groups. He is a part of the Magia as reflected by his abilities. He found a letter aboard a ship that had a detailed mission to investigate the Vanara. Therefore, he was chosen by the elders to go because he knows more about other races then anyone else and is fluent in common as well. He now travels to the mainland in search of who was in charge of the expeditions to the island and what they want to know so that his people may live in peace

Notable Abilties Edit

Many spells

Spirit Animal:

Within 100 ft I can see and hear what it does as an action.

MS:60ft AC:13+2 HP:25 +5 to hit

1 slashing dmg

Percep+4 Passive 14


Stone: 5 ft range 1d6 of temp health to target

Vexing:30 ft target makes a wisdom save or get disad on next attack. Based on my spell save DC

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