Once used as nothing more than forced laborers, the Warforged later used their skills and long background in labor to forge a colony of their own.

Description Edit

Warforged are a stone-work race made of wood fibers, carved stone, and fitted plate metal. An internal network of tubes run through the warforged body, filled with a blood-like fluid that lubricates and nourishes their systems. Warforged learn from creation how to generate this fluid using very little more than natural resources around them. Their hands have two thick fingers and a thumb.

Background Edit

Creation of the races is a job for the gods...until one individual in the dawning days of Quelmar began a quest. Over nearly two thousand years, the individual, known to some as "The Warforged Lord", began experimentation in his cave in Kiston. While he made great successes over time, he would later come to the mainland around 650 PR to seek assistance from another engineer who had made developments in the work of wovenstone. The engineer, Colin Pendergras, would give the Warforged Lord the inspiration he needed to finalize the pieces of his millennia long puzzle. The secret to prescribing life was not in how the stone was worked, but in what kind of stone was needed. Using his crystals, saved and gathered over thousands of years, the Warforged Lord was able to finally spring life into a handful of his people. Teaching them the ways of the Warforged, they began to spread. Staying in his workshop in Breme, the Warforged Lord would continue to create more of his people until his death in 794 PR.

The Warforged who would emerge into the world by 700 PR would be accosted from locals wherever they traveled due to their alien-like appearance and nature. Still a premature race, it was not long before they had been deceived into serving the races around them, no different than a golem of animated object. By 735, however, the Warforged would launch their own intercontinental fight for liberation: The War of the Forged.

Names Edit

Originally, the Warforged did not use names, as they had no need of them. They were simply referred to as "Soldier 1", "Soldier 8", "Soldier 24", and so on. It has only been recently that they have come to understand that other races have a need to label everything, including other beings, and thus have begun to use names.

Thus Warforged are willing to accept whatever name other people see fit to give them, and Warforged who are traveling with members of other races are generally referred to by nicknames. These nicknames tend to be either descriptors or random words.

It should be noted that a rare few Warforged have retained their previous designation rather than adopt a new name. Others have dropped the "Soldier" and refer to themselves only by their number.

Notable Warforged Edit


Due to the nature of the Kiston Crystals from which they were forged, some Warforged have grown exceptional psionic abilities.