Wovenstone, also referred to as Alexandrite or Nickal, is a unique rock found sparsely in Quelmar, but quite commonly in other planes of existence. Wovenstone is often found in areas of high fae concentration, or sites that were historically home to the fae races.

Magical Properties Edit

Wovenstone is rock that is native to the feywild, where magics run wild and inhabit everything. When carved, the shape of the stone informs what sort of magical properties it has. Different spells correspond to different carvings and shapes. Similar to runes, it is a language of shapes and designs. However, unlike runes, the magic does not come from the shape, but rather the shape informs the magic of the stone material itself. Because of this, anyone with a chisel is able to unlock the natural magic of wovenstone, given enough time.

History Edit

Wovenstone was the original Quelmar material for carving runes. As wovenstone became scarce, ancient magicians needed to learn how to make runes out of ordinary rocks.

Notable Wovenstone Carvers Edit

  • Colin Pendergras (Isonhound based)
  • Mila Perturb (Pteris based)
    • Mila worked exclusively out of a large quarry of wovenstone owned by the city of Dardin and located about 6 hours south of the city in the badlands.